4 Ways Your Fence Adds to Property Value

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4 Ways Your Fence Adds to Property Value

Date : May 04, 2021
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Fences have grown to be a prominent staple in many American communities. It’s becoming increasingly rare to drive through residential neighborhoods and find more than a quarter of homes without a fence. In fact, more and more buyers are beginning to pass up homes that do not have a high-quality fence already professionally installed on the property. The type of fence doesn’t particularly matter to these buyers; merely having the containment already available without lengthy lead times and the inconvenience of installation while settling into their new property is enticing and increases their willingness to pay more for your home. 

While it’s widely known that having a fence professionally installed does wonders for your home and property value, have you ever stopped to consider just how it delivers this return on investment? Today, the experts at Fence Masters are taking a deep dive into the value fencing has on residential properties and spelling out just what a new fence can do for you when it’s time to sell your home.


When initially thinking about installing a fence, your primary concern is likely how effective it will be in performing the desired job. This is also of high importance and interest for those looking for a new home. However, a fence that offers both functionality – whether that be to keep small children and pets safe or keep unwanted visitors out – and aesthetics is a bonus. Fence Masters works diligently to provide residents of the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana areas with attractive and functional fences, allowing them to have secure and beautiful yards. 


Home upgrades and enhancements are the most effective ways to add property value. These renovations can get pricey, especially when you delve into projects such as floor replacements, countertop installations, and appliance upgrades. For those looking not to spend an arm and a leg on renovations, there is fence installation. As one of the more straightforward and affordable home improvement projects available, installing a brand new fence gives your property value a boost financially while also making it more functionally attractive to those on the market for a new family and pet-friendly home. 


As we mentioned, many prospective buyers are looking to get into their new homes as quickly as possible with as few updates, renovations, and installations as possible. A new or recently-updated fence adds significant interest value to your property, effectively drawing in buyers and helping to sell your home quicker and at a higher price.


There is an adjustment period that comes with purchasing a new home. It takes time to feel entirely comfortable and safe in a new home. When there’s a high-quality fence already installed on a property, it’s easier to feel confident in a new home’s security. Regardless of the material, a fence adds an extra layer of protection to a property, helping to keep uninvited guests out and your loved ones in.

Ready to add to the value of your residential property? Contact the experts at Fence Masters to discuss your fence options and receive a free estimate. We’re excited to help you create an attractive, secure yard.

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