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Deck Repairs: 5 Signs Your Deck Needs Repair

With the arrival of spring and the promise of warmer temperatures in the near future, you may have dreams of barbecuing out on your deck. But before that can happen, however, your deck may be in need of a little TLC.

Winter weather conditions can take a serious toll on wood decks and the natural aging process also contributes to the general wear and tear. Fortunately for most homeowners, it's nothing some time and attention can't remedy. Before you spend spring and summer days on your deck, use the following information as a helpful guide toward a possible need for deck repair.

Rough Textured Boards

Aging wood decks can be a major culprit for splinters, particularly if yours has been out of commission for a while. The natural glue in the wood is prone to breakdowns and this can cause splits across your deck. If you find this to be a problem on your own deck, it is time to have the surface resealed.

Bubbling Sealant

Without reliable sealant protecting your deck, you run the risk of extreme exposure to the sun and other weather conditions. When the sealant begins to bubble or crack, you will need to strip the deck and reseal it.

Uneven Staining

Although it may be more for aesthetics, staining can also affect the overall quality of a deck, as well. Staining that has become uneven or abnormal should be treated quickly. If you notice moss growth, it is important to treat this, as it may indicate water infiltration in the wood.

Inability to Resist Water

The sign of a good deck is its ability to easily resist water. To test this, just pour a cup of water onto your deck. Water that is absorbed into the wood instead of merely beading on the surface means your deck should be treated before making use of it.

Warping Boards

Over time, the wooden boards of a deck can expand because of temperature changes and water exposure. This can weaken your deck and eventually even lead to wood rot. By taking care of the problem when you first notice it, you can eliminate more serious future problems.

Don't wait until the middle of summer to take care of your deck! The Chicago deck repair team at Fence Masters can treat your deck with efficiency to give you many years of enjoyment outside. Call us today to schedule your free estimate.

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