Benefits of Residential Gate Operators

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Benefits of Residential Gate Operators

Date : July 15, 2023
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Planning for a new fence includes what material and location, but you also need to consider your gates as they are just as important! Proper placement and type of gate can make your life easier every day and help protect your home and your property. Our Fence Masters crew members are here to help you with all of your new fence installation decisions, including where your gates should go for optimal access and security. 

While you may think that a gate operator is just for businesses and commercial properties, consider one for your residential space as well. Here, we take a look at why a gate operator may be just what you need. 

A Convenient and Secure Way to Access Your Property

Gate operators are an automatic avenue to access your property without having to manually move your gate. When you drive up to your property, you are able to punch in your security code or consider a keyless option, such as an electronic key that will activate the gate to open without having to leave your vehicle. The gate will close as well once you have pulled inside, providing a top-level of security to prevent strangers from accessing your space. 

Security is another benefit of a gate operator at your residential space. It does not just have a lock that can be messed with by a bolt cutter. There are specialized electrical components involved in gate operators that are tough to understand and access. Having an automatic gate operator can be a strong deterrent to any would-be prowlers who pass by your home and property.

Safety is Built Into a Gate Operator

The parts that make up the gate operator create a more balanced and safe gate. The controls and solid motors that make up your gate operator ensure that it opens and closes properly when accessed. These components help keep your gate in place and on track to prevent any slippings and issues with a manual gate opening and closing in an unsafe manner and possibly causing property damage or injuries. An automatic gate has safeguards built in to help prevent injuries to pets, children and adults. The sensors as part of a gate operator will cause your gate to stop if there is something solid in the way. The sensors are similar to the safety measures on your garage door. You want your gate to be safe as it is heavy, and you certainly do not want it to close suddenly. Kids cannot play with a gate that they do not have the access code to as well, like they could with a manual gate.

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