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Can a Fence Increase Your Property Value?

Date : October 29, 2022
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While there is no guarantee of a Return on Investment for any home improvement project, there are often recommendations on which areas to focus on when looking to boost your home’s value: from the kitchen to the bathroom. Do not forget your backyard! A new or updated fence can add so much to your property and curb appeal.

Keep these in mind when deciding on fence updates:

In Your Neighborhood: Home features that trend in a certain area or neighborhood can impact the value of a home. Just like real estate agents compare comps from similar homes and areas, we recommend that you take stock in your own corner of the world. If everyone else has a fence, then your home may appear as though it is lacking something essential. 

Sense of Security: Having a strong and sturdy fence can boost your property’s level of security, particularly if you have a pool, hot tub or playset. Having your space sealed off from strangers can create a strong perspective of being a safe environment that can add a feeling of value. A strong fence can deter not only human intruders but also animal intruders, such as foxes, frogs, coyotes, rabbits and more.

Curb Appeal: Obviously, if you have a fence that is in need of repair or falling down, that can detract from your home’s curb appeal and attraction to potential buyers if you are looking to sell your home now or in the future. Our Fence Masters team can assist with repairs on a variety of materials from wood to vinyl. If you need a whole new fence installed, we will discuss this choice with you and go over all of your options.

Property Lines: Having your property lines properly defined and a fence marking these can be another way that your new fence can add value. A vinyl privacy fence can be sought after if that clearly defines your lines and offers a sense of a private backyard oasis. A fence is also valuable if it is being used by you to keep your pets and children out of your neighbors’ space and in your own yard,

Our Experts Can Review Your Space

If you are not sure where a fence would work best and what type of material is ideal for your property, then reach out to our crew at Fence Masters for assistance with any and all of your questions. We have extensive experience in the industry and can create your customized fencing in wrought iron, wood, vinyl, aluminum or chain link. Our team has had hands on more fencing than you can imagine! We have our own in-house fabrication shops to create tailored pieces that will add a unique vibe to your place and property. If you would like to connect with us, use our online contact form today.  

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