Can an Ice Storm Harm my Fence?

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Can an Ice Storm Harm my Fence?

Date : January 20, 2022
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Winter weather can vary from above and below normal temperatures to ice, rain or snow. An ice storm is typically a weather event where freezing rain is falling as temperatures are on the precipice of freezing to above freezing. Ice will often form on trees, cars, streets and your roof. While ice storms can be hazardous to drivers and walkers, what can they do to your fence? How can you help your fence stay at its best?

Wood Fencing

  1. Moisture can be enemy No. 1 for your wood fencing. Maintaining your paint and stain seal will help create a tough barrier against the water that comes from ice, rain and snow. Take a close look at your fence at various intervals throughout the season to ensure that there are not any areas for concern.
  2. After a particularly strong storm, make sure to remove any branches or limbs that have fallen on your fence to prevent any damage. Also, gently brush off build-ups of snow or ice with a broom when weather permits.
  3. If you are noticing that water is not beading on your wood panels during the winter, then add a spring project to your to-do list: repaint or restain your fence to keep it at its best for years.

Vinyl Fencing

  1. The concern with this type of fencing material is potential damage from ice or snow. As with any maintenance strategy, taking the time to look at your fence carefully is the first line of defense. Stroll along your fence line in the snow and utilize a broom gently as necessary, being careful not to scratch it up.
  2. While you may be tempted to hang seasonal decorations on your fencing, remember that these add weight and crevices for weather elements to build up. If you do decorate your fence, take even more time to keep an eye on it.

Aluminum Fencing

  1. Aluminum is similar to vinyl as there are really no concerns about rot or insect damage. But you should watch out for how ice or snow can weigh down your panels. Also, shifting soil at your fence’s base may cause instability. 
  2. If you have a large pile of snow or buildup of ice near or on your fence, take care to clear it as soon as you can to prevent damage.

Repairs May Be Needed After Winter

No matter how much maintenance or preventive steps you take, there may be a need for repairs as the weather clears. At Fence Masters, we work on fences that we have installed and will consider other repairs on a case-by-case basis. We can also provide emergency repair services as we understand that things happen unexpectedly. 

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