Can I Put an Extra Gate Into My Fence?

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Can I Put an Extra Gate Into My Fence?

Date : November 20, 2021
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When installing a new fence, there are many questions to be considered. First and foremost is: What type of material do you want your fence to be? At Fence Masters, we work with aluminum, wood, wrought iron, chain link and vinyl or PVC. We are happy to help you determine what type of material is best for your residential or commercial property. 

But exactly how many gates you want at your place is more of a personal decision. While we can offer some basic help, you will have to finalize what works best for your yard. We do find that having just one gate is typically not enough for ease of use and being able to enter your yard. Homeowners definitely need to be able to access their home from more than one point, so at least two gates are vital. 

A front yard gate will allow you to leave your home from this point and allow family and friends to easily enter your back yard from your driveway. While a gate that is positioned in the back of your fence will allow for movement of items in and out of the back. Do you have a shed or outbuilding outside of your fence’s perimeter? Then a gate should be positioned near this structure so you can bring equipment and tools easily in and out of your yard. The last thing you want a new fence to do is to make working and living on your property harder!

The size and width of your gates is also an important component to consider. A slimmer-sized gate will be best in areas where mainly people will be entering and exiting. A wider gate is needed for moving anything from lawnmowers to equipment from one place to another. 

Our team understands that putting in a fence at a business may be more for security and protection and more than one gate may be seen as a vulnerable access point. That is why we also recommend that you consider commercial gate operators. You do not want your property to be a fortress that is inaccessible! Gate operators are easier to use than manual gates as they move electronically. They also are limited to those who know the keypad number or have the proper key or card, so the gates are still secure. Again, business owners need to remember that they will still want to get into their property at different points, so strategically placed gates are key to the best fence installation.

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