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Can My Dog Damage My Vinyl Fence?

Date : June 22, 2022
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Our furry and fuzzy friends add so much love and laughter to our lives. But they can cause problems to their outdoor perimeters that we install to keep them safe and secure. Beyond doing your best to train your dog to behave appropriately, you can watch out for issues in your yard. We delve into ways that your pets may prompt problems to your fence, so you can watch out for them. 

Curious digger: Some dogs enjoy digging – whether it is to explore or try to catch a little critter. When your dog digs around your fence panels or posts, it can cause problems. Holes beneath posts and panels can allow access to unwanted raccoons, rabbits and other creatures and also create unstable fence areas. If there are unstable areas of your fence, they may be more easily caught and damaged by a strong wind.

Jump around: A large amount of jumping by your dog in the same spot can cause structural damage and snap your fence panel. Unfortunately, vinyl fencing can be more susceptible to the weight of a heavier pooch jumping on it and causing cracks.

Curious climbing: Outdoor cats can especially be the culprit of climbing your fence panels to catch some rays in the sun. Just like jumping, the weight of your pet can cause issues to your fence as it is not intended to be walked on. Repeated climbing can cause cracks, snapping, leaning and more.

Nasty nail: Scratching can really cause damage to your fence panels. Wood fencing is especially vulnerable to your pets’ nails. Vinyl and chain link fences are more durable against scratching.

Puppy love: If your little friend is teething, chewing can be a way to ease the pressure or it may become a habit down the road. Either way, fencing is not a chew toy and can be damaged by sharp teeth. Consistent chewing can cause weak areas and points in your fencing and spur structural issues.

Potty break: Urine from your dog can wreak the most havoc on your fence. The moisture can create mold and mildew and damage to your fencing over the years. Urine can also cause discoloration and age your fence before its time. While you cannot keep your pet entirely away from your fence, you can keep it updated and maintained to withstand your pets’ actions. 

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