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In 1983, our crew was just two employees. Since then, we have had the opportunity to serve our communities in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region as a fence contractor. Our Fence Masters team strives to focus on client communication, quality products and keeping our customers happy. Simple tenets that guide our team members on each and every home improvement project. . We work on both residential and commercial properties and can put in wood, vinyl, wrought iron,  aluminum fencing, or chain link for commercial. We also can assist our business owners with their gate operators and temporary fencing for construction projects. 

Cedar Lake Fence Experts Take on Your Home’s Fence Installation

As professional fence installers who have years of experience and expertise, our team members can work with you on material decisions or placement. We work with American-made products and materials. With our own in-house iron weld shop, we can create the customized pieces that will add that unique style to your home’s exterior. While wrought iron may not provide privacy to your place, it can create a beautiful and regal statement to those who visit or drive by your home. Gate placement can be essential to allow for ease of access to your home or restricted access to your business or commercial space. Gate operators are another avenue to control access to your commercial property. They can be utilized through motion-sensor technology or a keypad or keyless entry.

Homeowners looking to update their privacy will be happy with a new vinyl or PVC fence. As an original PVC fence manufacturer in the Chicago area, we are proud to carry on this tradition and continue to work with this important material. Vinyl is made to be rigid but also flexible at the same time. This allows it to withstand the penetrating sun and weather elements by standing up to them but also flexing in order not to crack. There is little maintenance required to keep your vinyl fencing looking good year after year

Cedar Lake Fence Experts Take on Your Repairs

Our team members not only take care of any installation projects, but also can work on repairs for any fence we’ve installed. Unfortunately, accidents happen and fencing can be damaged. We can come out to your place on an emergency basis as well. You never know when an issue may pop up.

Reach Out to Your Cedar Lake Fence Experts 

Our licensed, bonded and insured crew remains knowledgeable about fencing and installation and repair work. We will be there when we say we will as well as clean up after your project is complete. As our stockyard is full, we can turnaround your project quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions, contact our team via our online contract form

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