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Professional Experience Behind Fence Contractor in New Lenox

When we launched in 1983 with just two employees, we could not have envisioned how we would grow and develop over the years as a small business in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region. Today, our team at Fence Masters has had hands on more than 50,000 fences garnering invaluable experience that is brought to each and every project from big to small. Our team works with both residential and commercial clients on installing and repairing fencing and gates in our communities. Fencing not only provides a more secure perimeter but also adds a design element to your property. As part of our process, our team can assist with design and material decisions as we understand the perks and benefits of each material and what they can bring to your property.

New Lenox Fence Contractor Guide in Your Design Decision

Our crew can install a variety of fencing materials, including wood, chain-link, vinyl, and wrought iron. As the original vinyl (PVC) fence manufacturer in the Chicago area, we are proud to continue to provide this vital type of fencing to homeowners and business owners. We work with Legend from Master Halco PVC fencing as it is made up of a rigid PVC and UV inhibitors that help it stand up to the ups and downs of region weather. While it is strong, it is also flexible to help it withstand temperature changes and prevent cracks and damage.

Other fencing materials offer benefits as well. Aluminum fencing is a durable and elegant option for property owners. Wrought-iron is a classic and chic choice for any property. As we have our very own in-house iron weld shop, our team will create and tailor your pieces specifically to you and your place. We make our own wrought-iron panels, cantilever gates, and additional products.

New Lenox Fence Contractor Tops For Business Owners

Entrepreneurs have their own unique challenges to running a business day-to-day. You can count on us to come in on time for your fencing project with everything that we need to complete the job and not leave until your place is cleaned up and looking its best. Our reliable team is licensed, bonded and insured.

Not only can we install your fence, but we can also install gates and gate operators. Commercial gate operators allow a gate to be opened without manual labor. Gates can be opened with a keypad, electronic key or card or a motion sensor. Our team can also assist businesses with temporary fencing, which can be useful when certain areas need to be off-limits to pedestrians. Temporary fencing can be quickly installed and taken down when it is no longer needed.

New Lenox Fence Contractor Is Ready For Your Project

We are ready to discuss what type of repairs you need or if it is time for a new fence, we can go over installation. You can connect with us through our online contact form.

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