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Fence Repair in Lansing Maintains Your Security

A fence on your commercial or residential property can function in a variety of ways. Your home’s fence can be to add a visual element and boost your curb appeal, keep your pets and children secure when they are playing in the back yard or add privacy to your property. At your business, a fence can limit access to only qualified or verified individuals and up the level of security will keep your company, clients and workers safe. Our team at Fence Masters can help you with a new fence or fence repairs no matter how your fencing is working for you. Our crew members have worked in the Chicagoland and Northwest communities since we first opened our doors in 1983. Our company is proud to serve our friends and neighbors throughout all of these years.

Fence Repair Seals Up Your Perimeter in Lansing

Your home’s fence can be in need of repairs for a variety of reasons, which also depend on the type of fencing material you have installed at your home. Wood fencing can age over the years and become rotted, moldy or damaged from weather elements, time or your pets. Vinyl fencing can crack due to severe storms or extreme winds. Wrought iron may rust over time. Our crew members can assess your fencing and determine the best route to take to repair the damaged areas. Our company is unique in the fact that we not only install our fences, but also do our own repair work. Our team will come out on an emergency basis on any fence that we have put in ourselves. We are happy to provide an estimate of what the repairs would cost.

Sometimes, a new fence may be the best answer. If you have a wood fence but are looking to replace it with a vinyl fence, discuss it with our team. We are an original manufacturer of PVC or vinyl fencing in the Chicagoland region. Vinyl can withstand weather while providing the privacy you want from your neighbors for your own serene space in your backyard. To keep your new vinyl fence looking its best, keep an eye on it for any dirt or mold. You can clean it up with an occasional gentle scrubbing or a rinse with your hose.

Fence Repair and Beyond in Lansing

Our team members also work with commercial clients who want to add new fencing or gate operators to help limit access to their properties and businesses. We also have a solution to your construction projects. We can install temporary fencing if you want to make sure that pedestrians are not accessing certain areas due to remodeling, special events and more. Temporary fencing panels are easily put into place and taken down when you no longer need them.

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