Essential Wooden Fence Maintenance for the Fall

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Essential Wooden Fence Maintenance for the Fall

Date : October 13, 2020
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Is your wooden fence ready for the upcoming colder weather? 

Keeping up with your wooden fence maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to extend its life while also preventing potentially costly repairs or full replacements. Regularly inspecting your fence, or at least taking a good look at it at the beginning of both spring and fall, is a good habit to get into. The team at Fence Masters, Inc. wants to help you stay ahead of issues with your wooden fence, which is why we put together some of our most essential fall maintenance tips for your wooden fence!

Remove Debris from Around Your Fence

Branches, limbs, leaves, and other plant material can build up around the bottom of your fence, especially when the leaves begin to change and fall in the autumn. To prevent these materials from rotting against your fence, always be sure to clean up the immediate area surrounding your fence. In order to prevent a massive haul towards the end of the season, we recommend tidying up a few times throughout the fall and into winter.

Restain the Wood

After a long summer of constant sun exposure and afternoon storms, the staining on your wooden fence may have begun to fade. Inspect the wood for any discoloration and, if desired, restain those sections. Doing so will prevent a complete fence restain and help you stay on top of the appearance of your yard.

Check (and Triple Check) for Problems

Take the extra time to do an in-depth inspection of your wooden fence. Splitting, holes, and decay can easily fly under your radar if you do a glance over. Finding these issues before they turn into a major problem will prevent extensive fence damage, such as collapsing posts. This is also a great time to inspect your fence for loose posts. The weight of potential winter snowfall and other weather-related problems can cause your fence to topple over if some posts or stakes are not secured in the ground. 

Why Fence Maintenance is Important

With the proper maintenance and professional repairs, your wooden fence can last upwards of twelve years or more. Frequent inspections are a great way to identify and take care of any potentially extensive and costly repairs while also giving you a chance to appreciate your wooden fence fully.

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Your fence plays many roles in your yard. Maybe it was installed to define the boundaries of your property or contain a pet or rowdy children. Or maybe you invested in a wooden fence for extra backyard privacy or to increase the value of your home. Regardless of its function, you invested a lot of money into your wooden fence, and it’s important to keep it in the best possible condition. That’s why Fence Masters, Inc. offers fence repairs for all fences that our contractors have installed. Whether you need to get a single panel repaired or a full fence replacement, we are here for you when you need expert fence services. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your fall fence maintenance.

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