Fence Considerations for Families With Small Children

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Fence Considerations for Families With Small Children

Date : October 10, 2021
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Keeping your children safe inside and outside your home is your top priority as a parent! Smaller children are especially curious and little explorers, and you want to feel confident in letting them roam around your property and enjoy all of the treasures of being outside, such as bug hunts, playing tag and feeling free! If you are planning to install a new fence, consider the characteristics of your choice of fencing materials, so you can sit back and relax and let your little ones have fun.

Vinyl and aluminum are top choices for families with small kids. Vinyl is especially great as not only a secure perimeter, but also a smooth material that will not become a hazard over time as it possibly breaks down. Vinyl is easy to maintain and clean as well for you as it just needs a rinse or an occasional scrubbing with soap and water. It is a sturdy material that will stand up to weather and years of standing tall in your yard. Aluminum is also a good option, but select the style that has smooth surfaces, tops and edges. 

While many of our clients here at Fence Masters enjoy the classic look of a wood or wrought iron fence, the material’s possible hazards should be contemplated by those with little kids. Wood can leave splinters behind in the hands of curious toddlers and wrought iron can have sharp edges. As we do have our own in-house iron-weld shop, we are able to customize your pieces and create a beautiful and safe finish for your fence.

Be Mindful of Your Gate Selection

Any parent of a toddler or preschooler knows how they love to open and close anything! Learning how their actions cause reactions is a key element of growth and development. It is imperative to have a gate that latches securely, so your children can play freely without you worrying about them or having to watch over them every second of their playtime. Our team also works with electronic gate operators that feature electronic entry systems to add another layer of security. Needing a keycode can also keep intruders out as well.

Keeping Climbers Inside

If your small child was not deterred by the crib’s walls, then you probably have a climber! Climbers can get places that you would not even think of, and outside that can be a concern when it comes to your fencing. You do not want areas that could serve as footholds to go up and over. Smooth surfaces do not offer a way to encourage this climbing behavior.

Our Team Can Help

Design and material decisions can be difficult. Have a conversation with one of our team members about what you are needing and wanting from your new fence. We will take these into consideration and guide you toward a decision. Reach out to us today through our online form.

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