Five Signs It’s Time for New Wood Fence

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Five Signs It’s Time for New Wood Fence

Date : April 11, 2022
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Wood is a natural and beautiful choice for fencing, and with proper care and maintenance, it can last for years and years. Eventually, the wood may begin to break down and that is a sign it is time to upgrade to a new fence.

If you see these popping up, they are signals to make an appointment for a new wood fence installation.

  1. Rotting spots: Even treated, stained and painted wood fence panels and pieces can begin to break down as wood is a natural material. If you begin to see signs of rot, in one or more areas of your fencing, you should consider replacing your whole fence as that is an indicator that your fence is at a point to be replaced. Areas that you may notice rot first include near the ground where there is more moisture. 
  2. A lean look: Weather elements, such as strong wind and snow, will eventually take a toll on your wood fence. If you notice that it is no longer straight up and down in sections, then that is a signal that your wood fence is not as strong as it used to be. While one leaning section may be replaced, overall issues should be an indicator to replace your whole fence.
  3. Lost or cracked areas: If you begin to see more areas of your wood fencing that have cracks or splits or boards have fallen out, it is time to put in a new fence. Wood is affected by the freeze and thaw cycles each season and eventually, your wood will need to be replaced and not just replaced.
  4. Fasteners falling out: Nails and screws help keep your wood fence together and in place. If they are falling out or are loose, they can be a signal that your wood fence pieces can no longer keep fasteners in place. If the integrity of the wood is compromised in this fashion, you will need to put in a new fence.
  5. Too many repairs: If you have found that each season you are replacing pieces or repairing your wood fence, then it is probably time for a whole new one. You may be spending less on repairs, but over the long run, it is adding up to be more and more money.

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