Be a Good Neighbor: Fence Installation Etiquette 101

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Be a Good Neighbor: Fence Installation Etiquette 101

Date : March 03, 2020
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Being part of a neighborhood and community means we should always try our best to work together. Whenever we make big changes to our property, it is always considerate to consider the impact it may have on our neighbors. While you may not think it is a big deal to do an update, it may change the view or daily lives of those around you.

Follow these tips for your best fence etiquette:

Clear lines: Having an idea of where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins is not good enough when putting in a fence. You need to break out your blueprints or paperwork that clearly define your property lines. You cannot install a fence on property that is not yours. You should check with your county as well for any specific rules or regulations for your area. If you do not have the specifics, contact your records office or a land surveyor for assistance.

Clear conversation: It is important to talk with all of the neighbors that will be affected by a new border. That is easy if you are friends or acquaintances, but if you are not close to your neighbor, this can be challenging. It is best to go over in person to discuss what your plans are and show your neighbor where you are putting in your new perimeter. Having a discussion before the work can help head off any strife down the road.

Clear understanding: If you are part of a Homeowners Association, you need to find out what the rules are for putting in a fence. This may range from size to material. It is best to do this before you start making any firm decisions.

Clear view: Typically, you want the finished side to be seen by your neighbors as this will also add to your own curb appeal. 

Clear path to the future: Part of keeping the neighborly peace is to maintain the look of your fence for years to come. You do not want it to have holes, lean in toward your neighbor’s place or have chipping paint on their side. Maintenance is a key component of making your material selection. Wood can wear down with time and needs to be stained or painted regularly. Vinyl needs a rinsing or scrubbing every once in a while.

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