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Help Your Fence Survive a Heavy Snowfall

Date : November 15, 2022
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Winter can take a toll on your fence – especially vinyl fencing. While you should maintain your fence – no matter the material – all year long, here are some tips to keep your vinyl fence at its best all winter long.

Debris be gone: Before too much snow falls, take time to address the leaves, sticks and debris that may have collected around the base of your fence during the fall season. The buildup of heavy debris can cause issues around your fence, such as warping. Plus, it will be easier to deal with any snow if the fall debris has been removed.

Tree trimming: Another late fall/early winter chore to tackle is trimming any tree limbs that are hanging on or around your fencing. Not only can hanging limbs attract dirt and more to your fence panels, they can also become heavy with snow and break off onto your fence. Falling heavy tree limbs can crack or damage your fence.

Clean up: Also, inspect your fencing for any signs of mold or dirt buildup before snow starts stacking up. You do not want the mold to be trapped under layers of snow, which can make the situation worse in the spring once the snow begins to melt. Scrub or spray any mold or dirt off on a sunny day, so it can dry easier and quicker.

Elbow grease: While you are looking for mold, also scour for any scuff marks that can be scrubbed off. Typically warm water and a gentle soap can help remove unsightly marks before it gets too cold to tackle them.

Preventative layer: Before moisture builds up from snow and melting snow later in the season, a simple solution of water and vinegar can help stop the growth of mold and mildew. Mix one part water to five parts white vinegar in a spray bottle and apply to your fence. This may also help get rid of stains.

Snow Removal: Once snow starts piling up as winter moves along, brush it off of areas of your fence so that it does not build up on your vinyl and spur potential damage or discoloration. Be careful using any tools around your fence to prevent scratches or scuffs.

Take Care of Repairs Before Winter Hits Hard

At Fence Masters, our team is proud to offer our communities the service of repairs. We are unique in that we are a fence company that not only installs fencing, but will also perform our own repairs. If you are concerned about any areas of your fence or gate, our expert technicians can review the situation and offer advice on what is best before winter begins. We are ready to work with you today. We have served our Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana neighborhoods for decades and have worked on thousands and thousands of fences. Reach out through our online contact form.

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