How Colder Weather Can Impact Your Fence

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How Colder Weather Can Impact Your Fence

Date : February 28, 2023
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The long gray winter days can take a toll on many areas of our property – from roofing to windows and beyond into our yards. Winter weather can cause issues to pop up on your fencing that you should be aware of and keep an eye out for as the snow falls, temperatures drop and wind blows.

Check out what problems winter may bring to your fencing: 

All kinds of moisture: Winter mixes in all kinds of precipitation from sleet and rain to snow and ice. Any type of moisture can create issues in and on your fence. If you have a wood privacy fence, moisture can get in the grooves and create a perfect environment for mold to grow, roots to start or wood pieces to crack. Moisture can also move along any peeling paint or fading stain. 

Watch your metal: Rust is the worst on your metal fencing. If the protective coating that is on your fence has begun to wear down due to time and outdoor elements, then rust may start to show. Rust is not only an eyesore, but is also a sign that your fencing is not as strong and durable. You may need to consider repairs to the areas that have rust spots showing. Our Fence Masters crew members can review the status of your fence and provide an estimate and advice on what should be your next steps to preserve your perimeter and keep your pets and family members safe. 

Foundation shift: Your yard and the soil around your fence posts can shift as the temperatures change throughout the seasons. Wet ground that freezes and thaws can cause movement around your fence posts and instability in your fence. Posts that are not firmly in the ground can create problems in your fence panels as well.

Wood woes: These temperature fluctuations can also affect your fence if it is wood. We all know how the temperatures can have a wide range throughout the seasons, but especially in the transition from fall to winter and winter to spring. You can have bright sun melting snow at one moment and freezing conditions overnight. Wood can be vulnerable to these changes. Proper care will help keep your wood fence working and looking great.

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