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How to Care for a Wood Fence 

Date : January 19, 2023
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The natural beauty of wood is a wonderful way to add a privacy fence or secure perimeter to your home or business. A “white picket fence” has been a symbol of the American dream as a homeowner forever. But there is work that goes with installing a wood fence. Wood needs treatment and to be cared for properly and then it can last for years and years as a classic fencing material.

Rot is the main issue that wood faces. Here are some tips to follow to help take the best care of your wood fencing and gates:

Keep Out Moisture: If you are considering where exactly to install a new wood fence, where there are trees and dark is not a good option. It is ideal for wood to be kept dry in order to help prevent any rotting. No sun and moisture are the combination that can lead your wood fencing to break out in rotting areas. If you have an area near many trees that needs a fence, you should consider the alternative to wood – vinyl or PVC. These are much more durable to stand up to moist areas. As an original PVC manufacturer in the Chicagoland region, our Fence Masters team can help and offer guidance and advice.

Sealing It Up: Wood needs to be sealed up to help it last with a sealant that will help inhibit moisture to build up and penetrate your wood fencing. You should plan on reapplying any sealant about once a year in order for it to work consistently. Keep an eye on your fence and touch up areas as needed.

Keep It Clear: Another way that rot can occur is if there is a breeding ground for growth of organic material. This can be any type of living plant. Having pretty plants by your fence may be enticing, but they can cause lots of damage when they come into direct contact with the wood. If you do want living plants, then again, vinyl may be a better option in the long run. Plants touching a fence can cause mold, which on vinyl is easier to remove as it just takes a light scrubbing or rinsing with a hose. 

Fence Professionals are Here To Help

We understand that you may have questions or concerns. Our team at Fence Masters is available to guide you through the process and help you determine what type of fencing may be best for your project. Our in-house iron weld shop allows us to customize pieces, and we work with not only residential clients, but also commercial customers for their fencing needs. We install fencing in not only wood and vinyl, but also aluminum and wrought iron. We also work with chain-link fencing for our commercial clients. If you need just temporary fencing for an on-site project, our team can help with that as well. Reach out through our online contract form

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