How to Choose the Right Type of Fence for Your Home

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How to Choose the Right Type of Fence for Your Home

Date : October 17, 2022
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When you are focusing on putting a new fence into place, there are a range of considerations that you need to address. You will need to understand your property lines and know exactly where you want it to go with gates located in key areas for ease of access. This decision is pretty cut-and-dry, but what about the type of fencing? This is something that you will need to mull over and here are some questions to get you going.

Why are we putting up a fence? This key question can really direct you the most in what type of material would work best for you. Fencing is available from us here at Fence Masters in wood, aluminum, chain-link, wrought iron and vinyl. If a reason you want a fence up is to keep your pets and children in and intruders out, then you can consider what each type of material will add to your property. For instance, wood may be a boost in curb appeal, but you may be concerned that your dog will scratch it up when it is playing outside.

Do we need more privacy? If privacy is a key reason why you are installing a new fence, then you will want to focus on wood or vinyl options as they offer a blocked view unlike chain-link or aluminum. Privacy fencing is important to homeowners who are near their neighbors and hope to enjoy some peace and quiet in their own backyards.

How much maintenance do we want to perform? Wood fencing is beautiful and can be tailored to your space with different stain or paint colors, but it does need to be maintained. Repairs may need to be done to your wood fence panels down the road after being affected by weather elements. Vinyl fencing is easier to maintain and can be just rinsed and occasionally scrubbed softly with a brush and detergent.

How can we boost our curb appeal? If your new fence is going to be very visible in the front, then curb appeal should be part of your decision. A fence has a function, but that does not mean that you cannot add a new style to your home as well. We offer tailored pieces for our wrought-iron fencing, which is a stylish avenue to a new look. Our in-house iron fabrication shop allows us to work on pieces just for you.

Fence Masters Has the Expertise to Answer Your Questions

If you are confused or need some professional guidance, let our team members know. We can assess your property, go over your reason for a fence and help you determine what will work and look best. Our products are top-notch with exemplary customer service. When you are ready to launch your fencing installation project, reach out to us through our online contact form

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