How to Keep Pests From Damaging Your Fence

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How to Keep Pests From Damaging Your Fence

Date : April 25, 2023
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During the warmer weather season, your backyard can truly be your family’s oasis to recharge, refresh and relax. You want your area to be free of bugs and insects, so they not only stop bugging you, but also leave your fence intact for the privacy that you want to feel at peace in your space.

Here we look at the ways to ensure that your yard is as bug-free as possible all season long:

Standing water attracts pests: Mosquitoes are drawn to water that is hanging around areas of your yard. Little puddles can accumulate around your fence if there are any low-lying areas after a sudden rainstorm. Work to prevent these or distribute the standing water as quickly as possible. Also, do not leave vessels around your fence that can accumulate water, such as a wheelbarrow or outdoor vase.

Keep your lawn manicured: Longer grass and wild unruly weeds are a perfect home for pesky pests. Have your lawn maintenance plan on point to keep your property looking good and pests away. Always take time to trim the grass along your fence line with an edger or weed whacker so that there is not a comfy spot to attract insects. Do not cut your grass too short as stronger grass is better to stand up to any type of pest invasion.

Have a barrier for larger pests: While insects are a tiny nuisance, rodents and little critters are just as annoying and can cause damage to your fence. Your fence needs to be installed correctly with a portion properly aligned or in the ground. Our Fence Masters crew members are professionally trained, bonded and insured on how to work on fencing. We will properly install your fencing depending on the material and your property. 

Fence Material Can Keep Pests Out Too

We are knowledgeable about all types of fencing materials that we work with, including wood, vinyl, wrought iron, chain link and aluminum. Depending on your pest concerns and needs, we can review with you what may be the best solution for your home, business, farm, pool enclosure or commercial property. Privacy fencing is typically in wood or vinyl and these both will help create a special zone in your backyard for fun, entertaining and making more memories. Wrought iron makes a statement and is not going to be invaded by insects due to its durability. Our in-house iron weld shop allows us to create unique statement pieces for your place. 

If pests do get the better of your fence in the future, we offer repair services for any of the fences that our team has installed over the years. If you would like us to review your place or guide you on a new fence, let us know through our online contact form. 

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