I’m a Rental Property Owner, What Fences Should I Consider?

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I’m a Rental Property Owner, What Fences Should I Consider?

Date : July 12, 2022
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As a rental property owner, you need to keep your tenants or renters safe and secure, just like if it was at your own home. A new or updated fence can create a secure perimeter while not adding too much work to your role as an owner. 

Here are pros and cons of each type of fencing material:

Wood fence: There is nothing like the natural and iconic beauty and style of a classic wood fence. At your rental property, a wood fence will add a versatile look to your place that can be either a privacy fence or more of a style accent with open panels. You can select the paint or stain color that you use to personalize your fencing. The maintenance of your wood fencing can be the downside to this selection as you will need to maintain the stain or paint and sealant to keep it from being damaged or rotting.

Vinyl fence: As the original PVC fence company in the Chicagoland area, our team at Fence Masters has extensive experience in vinyl fencing. This is a great choice for rental property owners seeking privacy at their property. It will not rot or warp, but it does need to be cleaned and scrubbed occasionally to keep off dirt and mold. While vinyl can be affected by weather, our fencing has a mix of inhibitors and additives to help it resist cracking, breaking down in the sun and staying flexible to move with the weather elements.

Chain Link: If you are not concerned about privacy and want a strong perimeter around your rental property, then chain-link fencing is a good choice. It can be tailored to your place with a range of colors, gauges and coatings that you can select for your fence. While it does not offer any privacy, it is a good fence for homes that have pets.

Wrought iron: If you are hoping to add a sense of elegance to the front of your rental, then consider adding a wrought iron fence. While it is not always the best for creating a tight perimeter around a space, wrought iron continues to be a beautiful material for creating an elegant look. Our Fence Masters team can assist with your design decisions, and we can create one-of-a-kind pieces as we have our own fabrication shop as part of our company.

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