Is a Privacy Fence Right for Your Yard?

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Is a Privacy Fence Right for Your Yard?

Date : August 23, 2022
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While you may love your neighbors and your community, you may feel that something is missing in your backyard – a sense of privacy and seclusion. We all want to feel that we are able to enjoy our backyards without being watched or have our neighbors intrude on our own private time. That is when a privacy fence may be in order! Privacy fencing can offer a way to give you the backyard space that you are seeking. Our team at Fence Masters works with both wood and PVC or vinyl privacy fencing

Separation is Good for the Soul

While your neighbors may be offended at first that you are planning to install a privacy fence, hopefully they will process it and understand that every relationship needs space. Make sure that you approach your neighbors to discuss your decision and go over where you are planning on having it installed. You do not want to come across as rude, so try to speak to them during a time that is convenient. 

Here are four key points to bring up during your conversation:

  1. Visible lines: A fence perimeter is a great way to mark off your property line. This may be important to you as a homeowner and it is worth explaining that to your neighbors. This perimeter will really give you a sense of your space and property if you are thinking of adding a barn, outbuilding or pool.
  2. A secure zone: Having a fenced-in yard allows you and your family to feel more safe from the outside world. If you have a dog, a privacy fence helps it have a place to play while not worrying about it getting away.
  3. More time to make memories: Obviously, the privacy part of a privacy fence is probably the No. 1 reason that you want to install one. If it looks like this factor is bothering your neighbors, gently remind them that they will benefit from some privacy of their own due to your fencing.
  4. Be prepared: Your neighbor may not embrace your decision and you will have to face that fact head-on. They may argue that they are worried about their own property line, violating local laws, an obstructed view and more. Talk it out and pledge that you will only use fencing professionals and that you will maintain the fence year after year.

Privacy Fencing From Our Team

Our crew members can review your property and help give you guidance and advice. We are professionals that will take care of the project from beginning to end and clean up afterward thoroughly. At Fence Masters we always ask for a plat of survey to ensure we are on your property line. We are also licensed, bonded, and insured in each town. Privacy fencing can really add to your life as a homeowner. We are happy to discuss your options, and your neighbors can rely on our years of hands-on experience. We have had the opportunity to install thousands and thousands of fences. Reach out to us via our online contact form.

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