Is It Better To Paint or Stain a Fence?

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Is It Better To Paint or Stain a Fence?

Date : June 13, 2023
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Wood remains a top choice for fencing at homes across the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland areas. It provides a classic touch of beauty that is warm and inviting with the privacy that you want for your own personal space and backyard. Wood fencing does need to be protected with paint or stain to help it stand up to the weather and stay beautiful for years and years. Here we break down the difference between the two protective options.

Paint Your Way to Color

A main reason to choose to paint your fence is the choices in colors and finishes. You can select from many options in outdoor paints that will create a unique look and style for your fencing. Paint is also able to dry quicker than the time it takes stain to set. If you are on a time schedule or worried about the weather, paint can fit into your timeframe or schedule better. 

On the downside, paint takes more time and careful application than stain. You will need to make sure that you have a good foundation for the primer and paint to take hold. You may need to take the time to prep your wood fencing before you do any brushwork at all. You may need to sand any rough areas. It is ideal to first apply a coat of primer and allow it to dry thoroughly before you start in with your paint color of choice. As paint is thicker and due to its makeup, it can crack and peel as time goes on, requiring touch-ups or more.

The Stain Side of Coverage

Stain, on the other hand, is easier and quicker to apply. It is able to soak into the wood and does not need the same type of foundation as paint. You can create a more uniform color with stain, especially if your wood is more textured. It will be easier to apply stain to these areas as it is thinner than paint. While there are not as many color options, stain remains a good choice if you want to accentuate the natural beauty of your wood fencing while protecting it for years to come. 

You will need to properly plan your staining project around weather and temperatures. It should not rain for about two days after you stain in order for the product to dry properly and set. It should also be at least 50 degrees outside. You may need more stain than paint as wood does soak up the stain product more easily and create a need for more product.

A New Fence is the Best Upgrade

If your home’s fencing is worn out or damaged, it is best to have a new one installed or damaged areas repaired. Our Fence Masters crew members can help you decide on the best material if you want to go in a different direction. Reach out through our online contact form

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