Is My Wood Fence Past the Point of Putting on New Stain to Fix it?

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Is My Wood Fence Past the Point of Putting on New Stain to Fix it?

Date : June 11, 2022
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As a homeowner, you opted to install a wood fence for its natural beauty, but as the years rolls on, wood can begin to deteriorate no matter how much you take care of it. Wood will eventually break down. Before you pull out that can of stain or paint, check out these signs that your fence is past the point of another coat.

  1. Visible rot: While isolated rotten pieces of wood can be switched out and updated, many areas of damage and deterioration will not be good with just a coat of stain. Keep an eye on where your wood fence meets the ground as this is where rotten areas will most likely pop up due to the wood’s closeness to moisture from the ground. During maintenance, the fence at the bottom should receive extra TLC to help keep it preserved as long as possible.
  2. Not so straight: Windy weather days will take a toll on your fence after years of standing up against the seasons. When your fence begins to lean in areas, that is due to the general structure losing essential strength. Again, a panel or two can be replaced and so can a few posts, but leaning in lots of areas means it’s time for a new fence.
  3. Splits & lost pieces: Cracks in your wood fence are again the result of the sun, rain and cold creating vulnerable areas. Stained and painted wood will eventually break down due to age. Warped and split boards will eventually lead to overall structure issues with your wood fencing.
  4. Lost fasteners: A handful of loose or missing nails or screws is no big deal, but as you continue to replace them, those areas of wood will eventually break down and not be able to support a new fastener. There is no point in adding new screws or nails to aging wood.
  5. Costly repairs: Even with consistent maintenance and staining, you will have to pay for repairs or do them yourself. As costs add up, there will come a time when it is more cost-effective to replace vs. repair your wood fencing.

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