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Keep Your Neighbors Happy and Your Property Pretty

Date : August 25, 2020
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Your fence line may need special attention and a little TLC. The border can be a challenging spot to work on as it is in close quarters with the fence itself as well as close to your neighbors’ property. But these are not reasons to avoid or ignore areas that can get really built up with grass or weeds and bring down the look of the rest of your manicured yard.

Keep your property line as beautiful as possible with these tips.

Mow and trim: Zipping through outdoor chores may not always leave time for the task of trimming. But skipping this step when you mow will allow grass and weeds to grow higher and higher and make it even more challenging and time-consuming to tackle. It is best to keep the area cut at the same time as you mow. Don’t forget to rake extra grass clippings, so they don’t build up on your fence or blow over to your neighbor’s yard.

Mulch may be the answer: If you would rather not bother with mowing maintenance, consider clearing your fence line from any grass and laying a layer of mulch. Then you can just add more mulch as needed and pick weeds or spray them here and there.

Fence cleanup: Your actual fence – no matter what the material – will need to be cleaned every once in a while. Depending on what your fence material is, you can brush it off with a broom or spray it down with a hose. When you are cleaning your fence, that is also a good time to take a close look and see if there is any damage that needs to be repaired. Wood fencing (even pressure-treated) will need to be stained or painted as part of a maintenance strategy.

Keep neighbors in the loop: If you do need to take on maintenance or repairs of your fence, make sure you let your neighbor know as you will probably need to work on his or her property during the project. You should let them know about your timeline as you do not want them mowing when you are trying to paint or stain or clean the fence.

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