My Backyard Gets a lot of Wind, Is Aluminum Fencing Good for Me?

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My Backyard Gets a lot of Wind, Is Aluminum Fencing Good for Me?

Date : May 21, 2022
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Living near the Windy City, our region definitely has its share of windy days. We have all been there: running out to pick up our garbage cans or chasing down lawn furniture that is getting away! Wind is part of living in the Midwest and if you are considering installing a new fence, then this needs to be part of the equation. Here, we take a look at how fencing materials stand up to the wind that can blow severely at times throughout the seasons.

While you may take into account how snow can build up on a fence and moisture can cause mildew or mold and damage, you may not grasp the damage that wind can cause. While it is unseen, it can be a true force to contend with, especially for your fence. Wind can really wallop your fencing if it does not have a pass-through. A wood fence that has tight slats, can prevent strong winds from blowing through and may be vulnerable to being damaged by a strong gust. If you are concerned about how windy your backyard is, wood fencing may not be the best choice. While it may offer privacy, it can be a stopping point for wind and also requires more maintenance. Wood is vulnerable to mildew, moisture and mold and needs to be maintained through cleaning, continual staining or painting. 

In this application, aluminum fencing offers a clear path for any strength of wind. It is a practical fencing material that is available in many wire gauge sizes, colors and more, so that you can still customize the look of your fence. While it does not offer privacy, it does offer a sturdy and strong option for those who are worried about the wind in their backyard. Wrought iron fencing is another option for allowing wind to pass through easily. It can be more ornamental and stylish than aluminum as well. 

Our team at Fence Masters has an in-house fabrication shop that allows us to create and craft your particular pieces of fencing right here. We are able to specifically make what you are looking for, and we can add a secure perimeter to your place that also looks stately and classic. We do our custom ornamental ironwork just for you.

Our Team Can Offer You Expert Advice

If wind is your top concern when installing a new fence, we are happy to discuss what may be best in your yard and on your property. We can see exactly where you want your fence installed and discuss how we can place and create a perimeter that best fits you. If Mother Nature strikes and your fence becomes damaged and needs repairs down the road, our team is here for you. We offer fence repairs as part of our services. Connect with us through our online contact form.

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