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New Fence Helps Keep your Garden Growing

Date : August 10, 2021
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Animals are eating all of my plants, can a fence help keep them out? That is the question for gardeners who have put the time, effort, and love into their plants and herbs. It is disheartening to come outside to gather some tomatoes for dinner to find that they have all been gobbled up! Critters can approach your outdoor garden like it is an all-day and all-night buffet. A fence can help preserve your garden for years to come, and with a gate, you can easily access your plants whenever you need to water, weed or grab something for lunch, dinner, or a snack. 

Check out our tips before your fence installation.

Do some detective work: It is helpful to know exactly what animal is eating at your place before you determine what type of fence is needed. Rabbits are a lot smaller than deer. If squirrels are the culprit, you will find areas where they have dug up bulbs. If deer are to blame, tracks may be evident in the dirt or clean snips on herbaceous-type plants or tears on more woody plants. Rabbits leave sharp cuts, and droppings are often left behind.

Determine the best fence fit: Smaller creatures can not only wiggle between spaces, but they can also dig under a perimeter. For example, for rabbits, a tighter gauge on a chain-link fence would work, and you will still be able to enjoy the beauty of your plants and not have a blocked area in a small part of your yard. Digging the fence base deeper can keep burrowing rabbits out as well. For deer, height matters in a fence. Typically, six-foot-high fences can prevent deer from jumping. Also, a top rail is what deer use as a sightline to help them figure out their jump height, so do not have one on your fence.

Do leave some for them: Once your fence is installed, it can also help to have a grassy area or shrubs around it to entice any critters that once loved your garden. Other food opportunities will steer the hungry animals away. 

Understand this is sometimes how it rolls: Not even a fence is 100% impenetrable, but it will help! If you lose some of your plants, know that some seasons are better than others and feel good about benefiting your local wildlife.

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