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Put a Fence in Place Around These Areas

Date : July 20, 2021
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As a homeowner, fencing can serve as a way to keep your family safe, pets in your yard and add style and sophistication. As a business owner, a fence is even more important to your property and employees. While our team at Fence Masters can discuss specifics to your business or home, we have found some examples of areas that are especially in need of fencing. 

Large Facilities: Warehouses and commercial properties will benefit from having a fence installed in materials such as aluminum or chain link. A gate makes access easier and limits the number of entry points to the area to help keep it more safe and secure. A commercial gate operator is another layer of security to allow access to only those who are authorized. Gates can be opened by a keypad, electronic key or card or motion sensor.

Construction Sites: Temporary fencing is vital around any work zone at your place of business. Having an easily identified area that is off-limits keeps passers-by and your team safe and sound. This type of barrier will make sure accidents do not happen. Temporary fencing is one of our specialties for commercial clients. The beauty of this type of fencing is that it is strong and can withstand high amounts of pressure. It is still easy to maintain and provides ventilation. Our team can help keep your work zone marked by putting in and then removing any temporary fence after the project.

Swimming Pools: As a homeowner, you are responsible for what happens on your property and securing your swimming pool is important. In-ground pools – even with a cover – can be an area that you want to keep unwanted guests out of, such as wildlife and young neighborhood children. Fencing can also keep your pool private, so you can have your oasis without feeling exposed to your neighbors. Wood and vinyl materials make for the best in privacy! While wood needs to be maintained more with staining or painting, vinyl fencing is more easily kept looking new with washings and a spray with a hose. Fence Masters is actually an original PVC fence manufacturer in the Chicagoland area. We work with Master Halco to provide the Legend series. The material is composed of rigid PVC, additives and UV inhibitors for a flexible but solid structure. It is able to bend to resist cracking and stand strong against weather. 

Big Valuables: Rural life in the region can mean having ATVs, tractors or boats on-site at your home. If you do not have these in storage, a privacy fence will keep your larger valuables out of sight.

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