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Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Vinyl Fence

Date : June 15, 2021
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As a durable, versatile, and highly affordable option, vinyl fencing has quickly skyrocketed to the top of the popularity list over the past several years. While many homeowners are turning to this PVC-based material, business owners and other commercial properties are starting to catch on to the significant benefits of vinyl fencing. One of the most attention-grabbing benefits? The maintenance.

Vinyl fences are as low maintenance as a fence can get. With minimal and easy cleaning, no need for restaining, or extreme durability, it’s no wonder so many are ditching wood, chain-link, and wrought iron for vinyl. However, despite the relatively non-existent care, if you plan to install a vinyl fence on your property, you’ll still want to practice proper maintenance throughout the year. To help you understand just how to get the most out of your brand new vinyl fence, the team at Fence Masters is here to provide you with quick and easy tips for maintaining your fence.

Stay Proactive

Don’t wait for noticeable dirt and grim to show up. The best way to keep your vinyl fence looking brand new for years to come is to stay on top of cleaning and other maintenance tasks. Get into the habit of hosing down your fence at least once a month in the warmer months when rainfall is heavy, and bugs and critters are out and about. If you spot algae, mildew, or a particularly difficult patch of dirt, you can wipe down your fence with water and a gentle cleaning solution. Most multi-surface cleaners will do the job, but for extra cleanliness, you can turn to a bleach-based product to thoroughly cut through stains.

Maintain Landscaping and Vegetation

Yes, your rose bush is beautiful, but it could be detrimental to our newly installed vinyl fence. To prevent damage, it’s a great idea to keep the landscaping along your fence well-contained. Larger plants and vegetation, such as bushes and shrubs, should be cut back to prevent rubbing and scratching along your fence. In addition to unsightly damage, allowing vegetation to grow wild along your vinyl fence can lead to difficult-to-remove stains. 

Repair Damage ASAP

Although vinyl is extremely durable, accidents can happen. The most common damages the team at Fence Masters see usually follow strong storm systems or after a long, brutal winter. Strong winds and freezing temperatures mixed with rain can cause serious damage, such as broken beams, damaged panels, or uprooted posts. To maintain the integrity of your fence and the security of your property, it’s wise to repair your vinyl fence as soon as possible. The team of experienced contractors at Fence Masters performs emergency repairs on all fences that we have installed. If we helped to secure your yard, we will help repair any damages you may face down the line. Just give us a call, let us know we installed your fence, and we’ll have a team out as soon as we can!

Ready to install a new vinyl fence on your residential or commercial property? The team at Fence Masters can help you out! Give our Chicago Heights office a ring or send us a message through our website, and we’ll schedule an estimate at a convenient time for you. 

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