To Repair or Replace: That is the Question

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To Repair or Replace: That is the Question

Date : March 17, 2020
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When you look out at your yard, do you see an older fence that is starting to sag, has damage or peeling paint? Then, it is time to consider your options for a fence upgrade. There are two paths to take: repair or replace. We break down tips to help guide you toward the best decision for your fence’s future.

Wood Fencing

When to Repair: Wood has its own inherent beauty, but it also is affected by weather more so than other fence materials. Wood can become splintered, sun-bleached and warped. If there are small areas that are showing wear and tear, they can be addressed with wood filler or putty. Individual planks or sections can be replaced as well. The drawback is it may be obvious the wood is new for a while, unless your fence is painted or stained.

When to Replace: The decision should lean toward replacement if more than 20 percent of your panels are affected. Then, it starts to make more sense to replace your entire fence. Also, if you find yourself having to address repair issues season after season, you should consider a whole new fence.

Vinyl Fencing

When to Repair: Vinyl fencing is typically more expensive upfront, but it has the most maintenance-free life span. The main issue to watch for is cracking in the vinyl. If this occurs in a small portion, you can just replace the panels that are damaged. 

When to Replace: If fence posts are the problem, then a new fence is the answer. Your current fence post can be a real pain to dig up and remove as they are grounded deep in cement. If your posts are facing damage, then your overall fence is probably at the end of its life, and you are due for a replacement.

Aluminum Fencing

When to Repair: The main issues that you will see with aluminum fencing is bent posts or rails. They can be removed and replaced, but this typically needs a professional welder. Shifting posts due to changes in soil can also be addressed. Adding in new soil can help with this problem.

When to Replace: Again, extensive damage points toward an overhaul. But, also consider your current needs for security and privacy. You may have a lifestyle that differs from when you originally had your fence installed. That is a key component to consider no matter what your fence material is.

Repairs or Replacement: We Can Help!

Our professional team of experts at Fence Masters has the expertise to assist with whatever path your project leads you down. We can come out and assess your situation and recommend the best course of action. With a full stockyard and our own iron weld shop, we provide individualized and prompt service.

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