Should I Ask My Neighbor Before Getting a New Fence?

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Should I Ask My Neighbor Before Getting a New Fence?

Date : July 26, 2022
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You have already selected the material and location of your new fence, so you are along the way in the project timeline. But have you taken the time to speak to your neighbors and make sure that they are part of the loop? It is always good etiquette to discuss any type of home improvement project with your neighbors, but a fence installation is even more important as it can infringe on your neighbor’s space during work.

Here are some tips to guide you through a cool and calm conversation.

Know your boundary: Before you speak to your neighbor, make sure that you have your property line paperwork in order and are able to show your neighbor, in case there are any questions. If there is a current fence that you are replacing, make sure you are clear on who owns it before beginning any work. We always ask that you provide a plat of survey so it is clear we are installing on your property. 

Share details: When you are informing your neighbor of your plans, go into details of exactly where it will be, what material it will be and any timeframe of the projected work. You want them to know when our crew at Fence Masters is coming out, so there are not any concerns about strangers being around on your bordering properties. If you will need to be on their property for fence maintenance, this is also a good time to point that out ahead of it being installed.

Convenient time: Ask your neighbor before going over to have the conversation when they have time to talk. You do not want to just interrupt their day and plans by hustling over there and insisting on speaking when that might start the conversation off on the wrong foot. Schedule a time to connect later if your neighbor is busy or does not have time for more than just a quick few minutes. Also, be open to adjusting the installation day if your neighbor has an event planned or will be out of town and they would like to be around during the installation.

Be open: Approach the conversation with an open mind and open ears. If your neighbor has any questions or concerns, take them seriously and find out the answers if you do not know. You want your neighbors to be happy about the project and not resentful. If during the installation, something changes that may affect your neighbor or the work being done, advise them sooner vs. later, so that they are always current with the goings-on. 

Our Team is Here for You

If you need any clarification on our project process before you speak to your neighbor, our team is happy to help answer any of your questions before we begin installing your new fence at your home. Our team has years of experience in the industry and are here to guide you throughout the process. We are available anytime through our online contact form

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