Should I Install a Fence if I Want to Sell My House?

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Should I Install a Fence if I Want to Sell My House?

Date : April 25, 2022
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As a homeowner looking to sell your place, there are many questions that you will face in regards to what is best to make your home as marketable as possible. While cosmetic upgrades can be an easy choice, what about a new fence? While every home and neighborhood is different, we look at questions to consider as you work through this decision.

  1. Would a new fence boost your curb appeal? First impressions remain an important part of selling your home. While many buyers will see your home online, it is that initial drive-up and first glimpse that can make an impact. Adding a new stylish border to the front of your home in wrought iron can add some oomph to the initial glance of your property. Wrought iron can be customized by our team through our inhouse weld iron shop right on our property at Fence Masters.
  2. Are fences common in your particular neighborhood? If most of your neighbors have fencing, it may be a good idea and investment to install one at your home. Whether we believe or not, potential homebuyers will be comparing your home to those around you and others listed for sale in your community. Not having a fence can be a downside if a homebuyer will have to install one soon after the move.
  3. Could a new fence become a selling point? More and more, we all worry about safety and security. Installing a new privacy vinyl fence can become a selling point as it offers both privacy and a sense of safety for potential homebuyers. Vinyl is also an easy fence material to maintain as it only needs a rinse and occasional scrubbing to keep it looking good for a long time. With many pet owners out in the world, it is easier to have a fenced-in backyard to offer a place for dogs to run and play.
  4. Should I replace my current fence if it is not in the best condition? This may be the toughest to determine. If your fence is in need of repairs, it can bring down the curb appeal as potential homebuyers may just see a project to tackle. Making repairs or putting in a new fence can really add some punch to your place.

Check in With our Fence Specialists for Guidance

At Fence Masters, we can work with you today on your fence installation project. It can be intimidating to determine what type of material is best for your place and the best perimeter. Our team members can review your property and work with you on a plan to help install a new fence before you put your home on the market. We strive to keep our stockyard as stocked as possible with fencing materials, so we can take on your project to fit your timeline to the best of our ability. Connect with us through our online contact form for an appointment.

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