Steel or Aluminum Fencing: Which is the Better Choice?

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Steel or Aluminum Fencing: Which is the Better Choice?

Date : December 28, 2022
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Fencing material is the top decision that needs to be made when you are installing a new fence at your home or business. Narrowing down your fence material to steel and aluminum can still cause some confusion as to which is best for your particular purposes. 

Here we look at the two types of fencing to help you determine what you will put in during your improvement project.

The Durability Factor

Aluminum fencing continues to be a smart maintenance-free option for any fencing project. Aluminum can hold up to weather elements longer than options such as wood, which needs more maintenance through painting and staining. While aluminum and steel fencing are both durable, aluminum will stand stronger when weather hits and the material will not corrode or rust. Steel can rust as the years go on. Aluminum fencing is often a top choice for pool enclosures when privacy is not a strong factor in your material decision.

The Style Factor

While everyone has a different and unique sense of style, you will find that aluminum fencing does offer more options to switch it up and create a unique look for your home. Aluminum fencing can better be matched to your home’s current colors or style vibe with the options that are available. You will find that steel fencing is available in more limited colors, such as black or bronze. Our Fence Masters team is available to assist with design and style decisions to help you create the exact fencing that you are looking for that is both stylish and functional.

The Cost Factor

Aluminum fencing can cost less than steel options. Adding a new and stylish fence can also add value to your home and property. Investments into your property are always important to keep your place looking good and creating a space that you want to share and celebrate within. Less maintenance equals less time lost to working in your yard too.

Find Answers with the Fence Masters Team

If you find yourself confused or on the fence as to what type of material your fence should be, our crew members at Fence Masters can assist with your questions and provide guidance and advice based on your particular situation and property. Our team has been around for almost 40 years, so we have had the opportunity to take care of so many clients over the years. 

Our licensed, bonded and insured crew can install or repair your fence at your home or business. We work with all of the main fencing materials, from wood and wrought iron to aluminum and vinyl. Our privacy fencing options may work better for your needs. Our company was one of the original vinyl fence manufacturers in the Chicagoland region. We continue to be a leader in fence manufacturing today.  Send us your questions or reach out through our online contact form

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