Tips for Decorating Your Fence This Holiday Season

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Tips for Decorating Your Fence This Holiday Season

Date : September 27, 2022
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Holiday decorating can create an atmosphere of cheer and joy during the season. While you may already be hanging lights on your porch and adding a wreath to your front door, you may be craving more of a holiday look. That is where your fence can come in as a backdrop to even more holiday decor. Whether you want to really amp up your holiday decor game or just add a small touch of sparkle, your fence is a great avenue to holiday decorating. 

What to consider when decorating your fence for the holidays:

Material: Different materials add a unique touch to your decor. When you are out purchasing even more decorations, remember how your fence material may make an impact on the overall look. White vinyl panels will help your red and green items really stand out, and stained wood fencing can be part of the holiday display with a country feel. Chain-link fencing may be a little more challenging as there is really not a solid background to contrast against. Bigger wreaths or bows with lights may work best on chain-link fencing.  

Weather aware: Typically outdoor decorations are weather-resistant, but your fence decor should be even sturdier as it will be exposed out in the elements. Make sure that you are attaching your decorations securely, so that they do not get ripped off in the wind.

Basics of garland: A top fence decoration continues to be garland. Real or fake garland truly says holiday season and can be arranged or draped to customize your home’s holiday look. Garland can be bumped up with pinecones, bows and lights to elevate your holiday elegance. If you choose to drape the garland, aim for a consistent look with equal loops along the length of your fencing for a dramatic flair. When you hang garland, it is best to zip tie the bottoms of your loops to the fence if possible to help it stay and hang properly.

Other elements: Lights and characters can bump up your fence decor to another level. From classic looks to fun characters, you can surely find what you want for a new holiday look.

More than just the top: While garland is best draped along the top, you can also utilize the bottom of your fence panels and any gates to decorate and add some holiday sparkle. Larger items will work best along the ground near your fencing. 

Start With a New Fence Base

If your fence has seen better days, it may be time to update your look or consider fencing repairs. Our team at Fence Masters works with all types of materials from wood and wrought iron to vinyl, chain-link, and aluminum. We have the expertise to guide you on any fencing decisions for your home or your commercial property. If you would like to discuss a project, reach out to us through our online contact form.  

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