Top Causes of Fence Rot and How to Prevent it from Happening

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Top Causes of Fence Rot and How to Prevent it from Happening

Date : August 08, 2018
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For homeowners who have wooden fences installed on their properties, proper maintenance and care of the fence are important. While wood can be a very affordable and attractive material, unfortunately, when a wooden fence is improperly installed or cared for, fence rot may occur. The following considers everything you need to know about fence rot, including how to prevent it from happening–

What Is Fence Rot?

Rot occurs as a result of exposure to the environment and is extremely common in wooden fences. It is characterized by the deterioration of the wood, and if unchecked, can eventually lead to the collapse of the fence. There are two primary types of wood rot: dry rot and wet rot.

Wet rot is the most common type of fence rot and occurs when there is too much moisture on the wood. Because the ground is often especially moist, wet rot will usually occur at the base of the fence or on the fence posts. You can usually identify it visually as it may be accompanied by fungal growth, and may notice a musty smell as well.

Dry rot, on the other hand, occurs when your fence is constantly exposed to harsh, dry, and sunny circumstances. This dries out the wood to the point where it may actually crumble in your hand!

How to Prevent Fence Rot

The best way to prevent fence rot is to be aware of the different rot risks for different materials – hardier woods include choices like juniper and cedar, whereas more rot-susceptible woods are pine and tamarack. Of course, choosing a non-wood material is always an option!

If your wood fence is already installed, making sure that it is properly stained on an annual basis is important. You should also apply a protective sealant over the wood to help keep out moisture.

Finally, keep your fence clean and inspect in on a regular basis to check for rot or other damage. The sooner that you spot something and address the problem, the better.

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