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Watch for Water Damage to Your Fence

Date : September 06, 2021
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Your fence is an investment that you hope will last for years and years. As an outdoor element, it faces wind, rain, sleet and snow year-round. Water can seep in and cause problems to the structure and stability. Catching any issues early is important for the integrity of your fence investment.

What you should look for:

Signs of mold: Too much water spurs the allergen. If there is mold starting to grow on your fence, it needs to be addressed immediately. It can grow on vinyl, painted and unpainted wood surfaces. The fungus can turn up in different colors, including green, orange, yellow, white or black. When it is visible on the surface, it can start to penetrate into the material and cause long-term damage. To deal with mold, wash and scrub with water and dishwashing liquid or a mix of water and vinegar. A pressure washer can be used, but on a low level so that it doesn’t damage the fence. Plan to clean on a sunny day, so that your clean fence can dry and not start the wet, moldy cycle over again. To help prevent mold down the road, make sure you keep up with your fence’s staining or painting. Also, keeping leaves and debris away from your fence will help stop a breeding ground for water and mold.

Sudden fallen piece: If you wake up in the morning and find a panel of your fence has fallen, this could have been triggered by water damage. While repairing the damaged piece is your first priority, you need to also assess the rest of your fence to see if there is damage or mold in these areas as well. Beyond this initial fallen panel, you need to double-check the integrity of the rest of your fence and take steps to lengthen its life.

Internal issues: Unfortunately, you may not always be able to see that there is damage to your fence. If it is internal only, you may have a structure that is compromised and could be knocked down during strong winds or a thunderstorm. While it may be difficult to see any internal damage, you can work to prevent these types of issues by continued maintenance. Your plan should include taking the time to keep an eye on your entire fence. Really look for cracks, scratches or breaks that could lead to further issues down the road and fix them immediately. Pairing this plan with such outdoor chores as mowing or weeding will help get it on the calendar and not be as easy to forget.

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