What Fence is Best for a Lakefront Property?

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What Fence is Best for a Lakefront Property?

Date : February 01, 2022
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Lakefront living is all about a laid-back lifestyle, soaking in the sun and hanging out on the beach or your boat during the warmer months of the year. A worry that you can cut away is the fencing around your property. Living lakeside does not mean that you do not want a perimeter to your property, but you also do not want to work on maintaining your fencing material. Life on the lake can bring more moisture, dampness and weather elements to your fence and property than living inland. There are certain types of fencing materials that work better than others and we explore those selections here. 

  • Vinyl or PVC fencing. A main element that you need for lakefront property fencing is its ability to withstand wind, rain and other weather. Our team at Fence Masters provides PVC fencing that is made up of rigid and flexible materials. UV inhibitors and additional additives can help protect your fencing from wear and tear from the sun and wind. But the material is also able to flex enough to prevent cracking and breaking. We are honored to be an original vinyl fence manufacturer in our Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region. Another benefit of vinyl fence panels is that it can help keep critters and other lakefront animals out of your space and off your property.
  • Aluminum fencing: This choice can add a stylish element to your property while also being a way to maintain your perimeter and keep invaders of the four-legged variety away. It will need to be inspected to ensure that it is staying at its best. An aluminum fence still allows you to take in your lakefront views, which is why you live where you live.
  • Gates add access: Consider having points of access to your property that allows you to walk down to the lakeside. Our Fence Masters crew can review with you the best placement of any gates, so that you can enjoy your access to the water while remaining safe and secure.

Keep These in Mind When Installing a Lakefront Property Fence

Living by a body of water definitely affects the location of your new fence. You need an expert to review where a fence can be installed safely and where it will last a long time. Also, the fence’s proximity to water can make a difference to its lifespan no matter what material you select. Water can be destructive to fencing when it is constantly battered by spray or waves.

Let Us Check Out Your Lakefront Location

Our team at Fence Masters has licensed, bonded and insured experts to work on your fence today. We have been in the industry since 1983 and continue to offer all types of fencing materials and services to our commercial and residential clients. Reach out to us through our online contact form with any questions. What Fence is Best for a Lakefront Property?

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