What’s the Best Material to Choose for a Residential Fence?

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What’s the Best Material to Choose for a Residential Fence?

Date : July 18, 2018
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Homeowners who are considering the installation of a residential fence have a lot of different options when it comes to material choices. At Fence Masters, we specialize in the installation of vinyl fences, wrought iron fences, aluminum fences, wood fences, and chain-link fences. We know that each different fence material has some benefits and some disadvantages and that choosing the best one for your home can be challenging. Here’s a look into some different factors to consider when choosing a material for your residential fence installation–


Because budget can be a very limiting factor, your budget should be the first thing that you think about. Not all fence materials cost the same. For example, chain-link fences are typically pretty inexpensive but don’t offer the same aesthetic appeal that other fence materials–like stone or concrete–do. Vinyl is the most popular choice that is pretty affordable, but more expensive than wood up front. Put your budget together and then call us to learn more about what you can afford.


Another thing to think about when choosing a fence material is the purpose you want your fence to serve. Is your fence meant to be decorative and part of your landscape? Do you need to keep pets and young children in? Or if your fence being installed for privacy and protection? For privacy, wood and vinyl are great options, as they are both opaque. You can save money by choosing a smaller, wood picket fence if you just want to keep a child or pet in (assuming your dog can’t jump over the fence!). Tip: prioritize your needs over your wants.


Once you are pretty clear about what you need your fence for and how much you can afford, the next thing to think about is how much time and money you’re willing to dedicate towards the maintenance of your fence. Vinyl fences are often the choice for homeowners who don’t want to have to worry about maintenance or cleaning at all as these fences require little care over the years. Wrought iron fences, chain-link fences, and wood fences, on the other hand, can all suffer damage over the years and may need more TLC.

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