Which Fences are Best for Blocking Road Noise?

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Which Fences are Best for Blocking Road Noise?

Date : May 21, 2023
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Privacy fences are a wonderful way to help keep your backyard and property concealed from the world or your neighbors. But what about blocking out noise? If you are wanting not only a barrier to eyes, but also want to help protect your own ears from too much noise, then there are fencing options for you. While no type of fencing can block out sound, there are some tips to follow for a more peaceful setting in your own personal outdoor oasis.

Material Impact: Obviously, if you are looking to soften sound, you are not going to install a wrought iron or chain-link fence on your residential or commercial property! First and foremost, a solid fencing panel can be a better barrier to sound. Our team at Fence Masters can install a wood fence or vinyl/PVC fence that is a solid barrier to help with privacy and sound.

Height Matters: Depending on an HOA or your city’s ordinances, you want a higher height to help block out road noise and beyond. A solid fence that is tall can be a good way to buffer your family and guests to the noise of what is happening outside your yard.

Where it Goes: If you are concerned about noise from your neighbors, a road or more, that will impact the best place on your property to install a new fence. Our team of experts can come out and see where the best placement is to absorb some of the noise that can impact your life. We will consider the source of the sounds that are cutting into your quiet time when we help with your decision. If you have a particular outdoor oasis area, then it can be beneficial to place your fencing closer to this area as a sound buffer.

Solid Construction: Our experts will professionally install your fence with the idea in mind that you are wanting to have a more peaceful space. There should not be gaps or spaces to help absorb unwanted noise.

Soft Surfaces: Once your fence is in place, you can add even more noise absorption with landscaping, canopies or a covered porch where you are hanging out. If you enjoy spending time on your patio, you can consider installing a mesh screen to let in light but absorb sound.

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