Why Aluminum Fencing is a Great Choice for Dog Owners

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Why Aluminum Fencing is a Great Choice for Dog Owners

Date : February 19, 2023
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As a dog owner, you will make decisions about your property with your furry friends in mind. That is also the case when you are installing a new fence. While you have a variety of options from a high-tech invisible fence to privacy wood fencing, our advice guides you to an aluminum fence for dog owners.

Here are key reasons why this fence option works for you:

  1. Durability: Aluminum fencing stands strong! You want a secure perimeter when you have dogs, so that they can enjoy the outdoors without you worrying. Aluminum fencing can withstand impact from even larger breeds jumping and playing as well as can be a good barrier beneath the ground if your dog is a big digger.
  2. Versatility: At Fence Masters, our aluminum fencing options offer a way to keep your perimeter secure while adding an element of design to your property. It’s functional as well as fashionable. Your aluminum fence will work to help protect your pets and keep your children safe as they grow up and play in their outdoor space for years to come.
  3. Height: With the lighter weight of aluminum fencing, they can handle being at a taller height depending on your property. You do not want to install a low and lightweight fence that your strong and athletic dog can just jump over to chase that squirrel or rabbit.
  4. Easy care: An aluminum fence does not need a ton of maintenance. You will not need to watch for rot or peeling paint. An occasional power washing, rinsing or light scrubbing of dirty areas is all that it takes to keep your fence looking like new year after year. If something does occur that damages your fence, such as a severe storm or powerful winds, our team at Fence Masters does repairs of the fences that we install. We are proud to offer this service that goes beyond just installation.
  5. Style: There is definitely some flexibility to the design and look of your fence. We can be creative to help you add a decorative touch to your place while protecting your pets. You will be able to keep your view open as well, so you can enjoy your landscape and the world around you.

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