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Winter Fence Maintenance Tips

Date : November 29, 2022
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Your fence needs some TLC even when it is hidden behind any layers of snow during the winter months. Keeping your fence looking good year after year and extending its life means that you should work on it at some point during every season.

Check out some main maintenance tips for your fence that can help it last through another winter and beyond.

Wood Fence Winter Tips

Wood fencing continues to be a popular choice for residential fencing as it has a natural beauty that can also offer privacy. If you have wood fencing, check it out thoroughly as the days get colder and before too much snow starts piling up. If you see any rotting pieces or major damage, address it sooner vs. later. Our team at Fence Masters offers repair services for all types of fencing that we’ve installed. If your fence is good to go but has some dirt or debris visible, then pressure wash it or use a mild soap and water to gently scrub any tough stains, mold or mildew areas. 

As winter rolls on, you should keep an eye on any overhanging trees that are near your fencing. You do not want to let any heavy and wet snow build up on limbs as these could crack and land on your wood fence. A tree limb landing on your fence could cause cracks or damage. Prevent this from happening by watching your snow buildup.

Vinyl Fence Winter Tips

Vinyl or PVC fencing is strong, durable and flexible. It is also a top choice for homeowners seeking a long-lasting solution to a private yard. Beyond keeping snow from building up around the base of your vinyl fence, you should also not keep any items near it. Having any tools, too many decorations or storage items hanging around your fence can cause problems. Store your items securely away from your fencing panels. Objects around your fence can become a problem as the winter snow builds up. Brush off heavy snow and clear it out on warmer or sunnier winter days.

Tips for All Types of Fencing

In general, it is best to watch your fence in the winter for signs of damage, cracks, debris, peeling paint or stain and beyond. By addressing any issues as soon as you catch them, you will help your fence stay looking fabulous! Be careful how you remove snow around your fence, so that you do not scratch it or hit it with a shovel.

Let Our Experts Answer Your Fencing Questions

No matter what type of material your fence is, we can offer any guidance on how to keep it maintained. We can inspect it for possible repairs or replacement as well. Our crew has been in the industry for decades, and we are honored to have had our hands on thousands and thousands of fences. Connect with us via our online contact form

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