Wood or Vinyl: Which is Better for Your Home?

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Wood or Vinyl: Which is Better for Your Home?

Date : April 11, 2023
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A main reason that many homeowners add a fence to their property- particularly in their backyard – is to add an element of privacy to their place. Even if you love your neighbors, your family will want to have a sense of solace and serenity that can be obtained with a privacy fence to surround you in a solid perimeter. Privacy is even more vital when you install a new pool or hot tub or if you have upgraded your patio and will be spending more time outdoors relaxing.

The two top materials for a privacy fence are wood or vinyl. Our Fence Masters crew members have been working with both since we first opened in 1983. While we love both types of materials for a privacy fence, there are differences that can help you determine the best solution for your privacy concerns.

Durability: Vinyl will stand up to weather and time better than wood fencing. PVC or vinyl has inherent qualities that will allow it to flex as needed with the wind while standing strong to UV rays and water. Moisture can take a toll on wood in the long run. At Fence Masters, we install our wood fences with PostMaster steel posts to help your wood fence last longer to the elements. 

Style: Wood can be the winner in this category if you want a more natural look to your new perimeter. Wood is also more customizable through color or stain that can add a warmth to your home. Vinyl can be changed up with a selection of post caps as well as a lattice or picket accent.

Value: A well-maintained fence of any material will add value to your property and be an asset if you are looking to sell your place and relocate.

Maintenance: Vinyl has the upper hand in maintenance as you just need to rinse, spray or softly scrub the panels as needed. Wood can take more time to maintain as you will need to keep up with staining or painting and watch for any signs of rot or damage from moisture.

Repairs: Any type of fencing may need repairs at some point after a strong storm or accident or pets scratching or jumping. A vinyl fence is typically made up of panel compartments, so minor damage may require a more major replacement and be more costly. A wood fence can be repaired just in the exact area that is needed.

Cost: There are varied costs within any type of fencing. We can guide you within your budget to help you stay on track when it comes to cost.

Let Us Help You Decide

If you are still unsure about which privacy fencing is best for you, we can review your property, your needs and help you talk it out to decide. We also work with wrought iron and aluminum fencing for homes and can assist with a fencing project at your commercial site. Our crew members are available through our online contact form. 

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